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Cindi McAllister

Hi my name is Cindi and I'm the Founder and Director of Ruth's House of Hope.  I want to share with you a little bit about myself.  I am praying if you can relate to the messenger you will be able to hear the message.  By 1989 my life was bound by cocaine and alcohol, it was spinning out of control.  I had two children who I knew deserved so much better, my heart was breaking yet I couldn't get free.  I found a small church where I thought no one would know me -- after three Sundays of driving around in the parking lot, I finally went in.  I hung on every every word the Pastor said that day, but when it came time to stand......I was gone.  I was so afraid they'd talk to me and find out who I was and they wouldn't want me back.  The next week it was the same .  I thought it was so strange; in the world of drugs I didn't seem to remember being afraid of anything, but this church thing, this God thing -- I didn't know what to expect or what He wanted from me.  All I knew was I couldn't get enough of what I was hearing, "Love, Hope, Grace, Mercy" and yes, "FORGIVENESS". "Forgetting what is behind and looking ahead."   That's what I wanted to do, but how?   Then they told me about Jesus and the Cross, the ultimate sacrifice that God gave by sending His only Son to die for ....ME... the words just rang in my head.  The tears began to flow as the ice in my heart was melting.  I felt the truth of His Word and the warmth of His love embrace me.  Jesus wrapped His healing arms around me and began a work in my life that has continued on. It will continue until the day He takes me home.  What a construction project! What love, dedication and devotion.  He is so faithful.


Well that was October of 1989 and my story could have simply ended there, but God has blessed me by taking this testimony and turning it into a ministry.  Jesus has placed a burden in my heart to give other women a chance to discover His forgiveness and love. The Lord Jesus offers His miraculous changing power to every one...... He only asks that we believe.  "Who so ever believes on Him will not perish but will have eternal life" John 3:16    


For over four years I led a women's bible study in the Okanogan County Jail and did one-on-one discipleship inside and outside the prison system as well.  Seeing the devastated lives of so many women tugged at my heart.  It was good to tell them about Jesus but how could I show them Jesus?  Many of them had no where to go to get a fresh start and begin to change their life.  That was my cry to the Lord, to take His word and activate it through a home where women could come and be discipled and learn of Him, to taste and see that He is good!! 


Ruths' House of Hope is a result of God's heart to help these women.  The story of Ruth in the Bible has always touched my heart.  She left her home land and embarked on a journey to a land she knew nothing about  in search of a new life.  She left pagan Moab with its idols and all its sin and found a kinsmen redeemer and a new life in Bethleham in Judah (the house of bread and praise).  Jesus will redeem you from your sin and tattered life if you will just give Him the chance.  He is a Redeemer and a Friend that will never leave you nor forsake you!  

Building healthy new friendships is a huge part of discipleship / recovery / rehabilitation.  We have an awesome church that we all attend together, Valley Christian Fellowship.  VCF is a non-denominational church that has a heart and a vision to reach the lost.  Our church supports us as a home mission and believes that God is doing an awesome work through Ruth's House.  They also help by being an extended support/family to all the women that enroll in our program.  Learn more about VCF here!

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