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Located in the Okanogan Valley, in Oroville, Washington

Ruth's House of Hope is a Faith based residential treatment program designed to be a safe place we are drug, alcohol and tobacco free. Here a woman can live while she learns about the ways of God and focuses on personal change.


RHOH offers a woman freedom from her past, to embrace the present and to be excited about her future.  We provide daily discipleship, recovery/rehabilitation keys, all in a transitional housing opportunity.  This is a place where she will learn that:

  •   Jesus Christ has an unconditional and abundant love for her

  •   He has forgiveness to offer along with hope and a new future

  •   Jesus, by His Holy Spirit, will walk her through her own healing       process

  •   He will break the bondages that have controlled her life

  •   Jesus will set her free to be the person He created her to be  

Ruth 2:12

"May the Lord reward your work,

and your wages be full from the Lord, The God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to seek refuge."


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